Business Card Design

Business Card Design



Choose the techniques that you want apply to your business cards.

Business Card Design

Simply create your business card design with just a few clicks. Choose the right design for your company, club or private event from a wide range of templates. Discover our product portfolio now and benefit from many advantages:

  • Huge selection of Design Templates
  • Simplex-Duplex-Triplex Thickeness
  • Up to four colours Letterpress printing
  • Metallic or Matte Foil Stamp (both front and backside)
  • Emboss / Deboss
  • Professional logo design

Custom Card: Design your own card

Do you already have a logo? No problem with GRAPHTYPE. With us you can design everything yourself – very simply with just a few clicks: in our site, you will find a variety of templates, clearly sorted according to quality. You can easily find the right business card template for your company or you can easily create yours by simply marking the above choices. With
graphtype you can use your images and logos, adapt texts or browse our image database to create exactly the print product you want.

What makes a perfect business card?

You can get the perfect card to represent your business, your mission, and yourself by following the tips below:

1. Decide on your concept

Turn your brand values ‚Äč‚Äčinto a business card design. You can do this by thinking about the customer you want to impress and deciding based on what would convey that company’s history to that customer.

2. Determine the technical details

You cannot start without knowing the basic framework of your project, so determine it first. Or at least be clear about what your options are so you know what’s important to you and your budget.
– Size
– Alignment (Vertical, Horizontal, Square and individual cuts, etc)
– Material

3. Choose the design basics for your business cards

Once you’re ready to go into the details, you should pay attention to the following design e